Chapter 2: pg14


Happy Monday, everyone! :D
After a few pages of vague backgrounds, it’s nice to paint a few settings again! Ayse had a long night…

Edit: OH! I almost forgot to mention! With chapter 2 coming to a close (there is only 3 pages left!), we wanted to tell you all now that there will be a 3 week break from updates while we rebuild our buffer for chapter three! So, from the 29th of April until the 13th of May, there will be no new pages going up. Regular scheduled updates will resume on the 20th of May!
Until then, if there are any sketches/drawings, etc that any of you have done featuring our characters so far, and if you’d like us to share them here, please feel free to email them to paintedbees [at] hotmail [dot] com, and during the three week break, we’ll happily share your work here!! :D

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Chapter 2: pg05


Happy Monday, friends!
Are we already 5 pages into chapter two?? If making a comic does one thing, it’s definitely that it makes you realize how quickly time flies…
We have parents visiting from Canada tomorrow and they will be here until the 28th of Feb. Ideally, there will be no missed updates but we’ll keep you guys informed on the week to week if those expectations change between now and the 28th <3 (It’s been almost 5 years since Lark last saw her parents, so she is…excited!)

Anyways, here’s a page featuring the dust of disappointment settling upon the very fluffy shoulders of this somewhat “shady” man…

Chapter 1: pg 16


Happy Monday, everyone!
This page marks the end of Chapter 1! [[confetti]]
Sorry (not sorry) to end this chapter on a bit of a cliffhanger! :D

As mentioned previously, weekly updates will now be on hold until the 17th of December! This is to allow us time to rebuild a buffer that will hopefully generate enough pages to carry us through the holiday season and well into the new year!

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Otherwise, we’ll be seeing you guys again, with chapter 2, on the 17th! :D