Chapter 1: pg 16


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This page marks the end of Chapter 1! [[confetti]]
Sorry (not sorry) to end this chapter on a bit of a cliffhanger! :D

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Chapter 1: pg13


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Just a little transition page, today!

I also want to take this quiet page as a chance to give a heads up that, as we are approaching the end of this chapter, we will be taking three weeks in December to rebuild our buffer once chapter 1 is complete! And so, that will be three weeks without updates
There are three more pages left in this chapter which will be posted over the month of November. The last page of Chapter one will be posted on the 26th. Updates will pause until the 17th of December.

Another cause of possible delay on the horizon is that Wren and I will be having very close family visiting in January, through to the end of February. Which means it’s gonna be a super busy time for us (this season usually is). By that point, we SHOULD have a sizable buffer to help us coast through much of it, but I’ll provide a clearer update on that situation as we closer approach that time.

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Chapter 1: pg09


I almost forgot it was Monday..! Can you believe that?
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I’ve been watching some playthroughs of TellTale games (in solidarity to the recent news), and now, all I can think of when reading back over page 7 when Tolan lists off “boring girl hobbies” is [Ayse will remember that]…

Chapter 1: pg05


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Chapter 1: pg01

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Chapter 1: cover


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We hope you enjoyed the humble little prologue to Woven! (first page starts here!)
This is our first ever venture into and it was kind of an impulse decision with a small story that we've been sitting on for a long time. We're just sorta flying by the seat of our pants, and wholly expect to do a lot of learning as we go.

Firstly, thanks where it's due to the mega super awesome Pepper who provided the lovely Woven title graphic for us! 

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